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One Touch Line Puzzle

One Touch Drawing is simply very addictive puzzle with various level.


January 16, 2018

Current Version


More Description

-One Touch Drawing is simply very addictive puzzle with various level.
-one touch draw is connecting dots game.
-The rule is very simple, Draw given figures with only one touch.
-Enjoy amazing puzzle at your fingertips that will exercise and sharpen your brain power & skills.
-It is amazing linepuzzle game, with one touch line draw puzzle game.
-Game level starts of easy and increases in difficultly.
-Complete puzzle with one stroke.1LINE touch puzzle game.One Line puzzle stroke game.

In Advance you have options to use key and got hint to easy to complete level.
Once you complete current level, next level is avail for you.

*How to Play
->Puzzle with dots and lines,you have start from any one dots and swipe on lines to connects all dots.
->You have not allowed to swipe multiple times in one lines.
->Bases on time to solve puzzle you have awarded level stars and unlock next level.
->There is various path available to connect the all dots.

->We try to made levels bases on humans physiology to simple to hard level.
->Also we give you achievements bases on your level clearing.

->dots and lines have puzzle with one or more solutions,Try to solve with shortest lines path and got high rank.
->we avail hints for every unique Dots & Lines Puzzle, but use it in hard cases.

The Line connecting puzzles is light weight & smooth game.
Enjoy puzzle game.

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